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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  July 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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coming up, president obama's warning to democrats and republicans as the battle continues. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> and good morning to you, washington. it's 6:00 on this monday, july 11. time to start a new workweek. i'm cynee simpson. >> i'm pamela brown. thanks so much for being here with us. we want to start with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. of course, we will check in with lisa in just a moment, but we want to talk about the heat with our steve and the humidity, right? >> let me tell you later on this afternoon it is not only going to be hot, but we're looking at very humid conditions on the way. tomorrow, even hotter. looking for satellite and radar, lots of sunshine for a beautiful, beautiful sunrise early this morning. a rapid warm-up as we look for daytime highs that will approach the 90 to 95 degree
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mark. heat index will make it feel about five degrees warmer than that. tonight, upper 60's to mid 70's. and tomorrow, a scorcher, mid to upper 90's. heat index are you ready for this? around 100 to 105 degrees. we have a cooldown on the way. march on that in just a few minutes, but first, over to lisa baden. good morning. >> it is a good morning right now. traffic is moving fine on 66 out of marshall to vienna. just a brief slowdown out at manassas, in centreville and emerging stuff at 50. good through falls church, quiet across the roosevelt bridge. northbound in energy and we're at the alk juan through woodbridge, and this is springfield. more to come on the traffic scene, but now back to the news desk. >> lisa, thank you so much. we want to begin with breaking news from germantown. that's where authorities have reopened an intersection after a deadly accident. authorities say a man was hit
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around 1:00 this morning at germantown road and aircraft drive. he later died at the hospital. the driver was car that hit him did stay at the scene. so far no charges have been filed, and the victim's name have not been released. police say the accident is still under investigation. new this morning, police arrested a suspect in connection with the murder of a maryland store owner. >> that's right. we're live at prince george's county police headquarters, and we get the new developments. >> good morning, cynne and pamela. prince george's county detectives have been investigating this arson-homicide case for several months now. original when will it happened back in april, they had reached out to the community for tips, and just yesterday last night we learned that they had made an arrest in the murder of richard nam. we have video to show you of richard nam from back in 2002 when he spoke to abc 7 news right after his niece was shot and killed inside the family-run convenience store. another female relative was also wounded during that
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attempted robbery. then almost a decade later back in april, the store owner himself was shot and killed. 69-year-old richard nam was found murdered in his store after firefighters put out an intentionally set fire at that store. at the time, police believed he may have been the victim of a robbery and that the fire was started at the store to try and cover up the murder. we talked to customers of that store after the murder, many of them shocked calling richard nam a very quiet and generous man. i'm sure many of them will take comfort in knowing there has been an arrest. that news conference is scheduled here at prince george's county police headquarters for 11:00 this morning. of course, we will have an update on this story and the arrest on abc 7 news at noon. reporting live in palmer park abc 7 news. >> thank you. we're also following a developing story from camp david. that's where fighter jets intercepted three small planes over the weekend. they flew a little too close to the presidential retreat. the north american aerospace defense command said it does not appear that the incidents are linked. investigators believe the
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pilots accidentally ended up in restricted airspace. all three planes were able to land without incident. and a working weekend at the white house. democrats and republicans still have not reached a debt deal. >> that's right. president obama is scheduled to hold a news conference this morning to discuss the budget crisis. our bring anne carter is following this debate. she joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. >> good morning. certainly a busy day on tap for the president. he will hold a news conference this morning to address this issue and then meet once again with leaders from congress trying to work out a deal after they couldn't reach one after a 75-minute meeting last night. no deal as a new deadline is set. the president says he now wants a deal in just 10 days. with a new deadline and no deal today talks will work out the issue of raising the country's borrowing limit will continue. >> this is a very tough
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political fight, no question about it. >> the two sides met last night, but still seem far from agreeing. democratic leaders are opposed to significant changes to entitlement programs. republican leaders are calling for deeper spending cuts and appear to be opposed to any tax increase. if a deal isn't reached by august 2 the nation goes into default. >> something's going to have to give, and it's not quite clear who in the rank and file will be willing to accept this, especially in such a short period of time. >> the president is aiming for a massive, $4 trillion deal. but house speaker john boehner says a smaller package of about $2 trillion is more realistic. >> yes it's a big package will require big tax increases. it's a job killer. >> when asked whether or not he thought that they could reach a deal in the next 10 days, the president said "we have to." his press conference is scheduled for later this morning. reporting live on capitol hill,
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abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. jim moran wants to hear your ideas on how to reduce the national debt. the northern virginia democrat and the nonpartisan coalition are hosting an event in arlington tonight. participants will look at budget priorities and see how they will be affected by the various proposals. and it is 6:06. we have 73 degrees on this monday. >> and when "good morning washington" returns, albert haynesworth's sexual assault case heads back to court. we'll tell you what's next for the controversial redskins player. plus, safety concerns mount after the casey anthony verdict and sentencing. what's being done at the memorial to the florida mother's young daughter, caylee? >> but first lisa baden has another check of the commute. stay with us. you're watching "good mo
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>> my name is scott craft, and we're here at the national building museum, and our latest exhibition is all about legos. after you see these amazing skyscrapers here, it's time for you to play. good morning washington! >> looks like they're having a fun time there. it's 6:09678 -- 6:09. time for a look at weather and traffic. it's going to be a hot one today. >> it is going to be hot and humid, maybe a good day to head down to the building museum and check out the legos display. 76 degrees currently at reagan national airport. the real heat and humidity building off to the west of us. we'll feel it for the day tomorrow. high pressure off the coast. wind out of the southwest. that's going to allow the heat and humidity to build this afternoon. daytime highs well into the
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90's. no heat advisories right now, a feeling by this time tomorrow we'll be looking at a few across the area. monday and tuesday, today and tomorrow, delmarva beaches looking great, mid 80's for daytime highs. water temperature hovering in the upper 60's to around 70 degrees. looking for some relief from the heat? a look at my full forecast in just a few minutes. of course, you can always head over to but first, head over to lisa baden. >> for an update, just stick around. we'll take you for a tour all the way around the city and begin in virginia. 66 and 95, normal volumes starting to grow. woodbridge 66, where 50 merges with you, no accidents to report through falls church. pretty decent trip now on 270. the only heavy volume was approaching 109. good in this geico traffic center camera at 118. it's a good ride on route 4 route 5, 228 210, no problems
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to report on 50 between bowie and the beltway. good in and out of baltimore 95 and 295. quieted traffic on 29 between columbia and silver spring. more to come, but we'll go back to the news now. >> see new just a little bit lisa. nasa keeping a very close eye on a piece of space junk this morning. it's worried this object may come dangerously close to atlantis and the international space station. the space junk is expected to make its closest approach on tuesday. it's just as astronauts will conduct a space walk. the shuttle crew will spend the next week unloading 7,000 pounds of equipment and supplies for the station. hard to believe it's the end of the 30-year nasa program too. >> it's amazing. if they have to actually move things you know, to get out of the way of that space junk, that's frightening. >> yeah, that adds a whole new element to this operation. >> absolutely. >> it is 6:11 on this monday morning. >> when "good morning washington" continues, a woman
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kidnapped and held for more than a dozen years. she opens up about her experience and why she didn't try to run away. plus -- >> u.s.a.! >> it was quite a thriller. it's already being called an instant classic. ahead, more on the american women's impressive victory in the world cup. you're watching "good morning washington." we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, everybody. checking our top stories at 6:13 -- president obama will hold a news conference this morning to talk about efforts to reach a deal on the deficit. he'll also meet with congressional leaders from both parties. republicans and democrats are divided on the size and scope of the debt reduction deal. prince george's county police are expected to say more about a break in a murder case.
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investigators say that they have arrested a suspect in the murder of bladensburg man, richard nam. nam's body was discovered after his store was set on fire back in april. and finally, albert haynesworth's lawyers will be in court today for a status hearing in his sexual assault case. the redskins defensive tackle was scheduled to go on trial today on charges that he groped a d.c. hotel waitress back in february. a judge postponed it until next month. haynesworth denies the charges. >> time is now 6:14. authorities blocked off a road that leads to a memorial for 2-year-old caylee anthony. they say concerns prompted them to close the road leading to the woods where the child's body was found in 2008. it's not clear how long the closure will be in effect. casey anthony was found not guilty in her death last week. she's scheduled to be released from jail next weekend. and kidnapping victim jaycee dugard opened up in an exclusive interview with abc's diane sawyer last night.
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dugard was just 11 years old in 1991 when she was kidnapped from her california home by phillip and nancy garrido. dugard was held for 18 years against her will. she gave birth to two children, fathered by phillip garrido. at times during her captivity dugard and her children were out in public. diane sawyer asked dugard why she didn't try to escape. >> my manipulation plus the physical abuse i suffered in the beginning there was no leaving. if one of the girls was being hurt. >> and everyone who thinks the maternal impulse to just scoop them up to run doesn't -- >> they were safe. i was being told that the outside world was dangerous. >> dugard eventually was discovered in 2009. she's now 31 years old and trying to build a new life for herself and her two children. just last month, a judge
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sentenced phillip garrido to 431 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexual assault. nancy garrido was given 36 years to life in prison for her role in the crime. >> new this morning -- tiger woods is scheduled to make a televised announcement today. the golf channel reports that woods will seek at 11:00 a.m. on the network, and it's unknown what issue the golfer plans to address. speculation runs from retirement to possible endorsement deals. woods also made clear that he would not be playing in this week's british open because of injuries. >> the nation is still buzzing about yesterday's action at the women's world cup. >> it was unbelievable. against all odds, the united states rallied from a goal and a player down to beat brazil. >> oh, can you believe it! >> there were just seconds remaining in extended time when abby wambach tied the game at 2-2, sending it to a penalty
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kick shootout, and there the u.s. converted on all of their attempts. the ladies win an epic thriller advancing to play france in the semifinals on wednesday. that was the game that everyone was really holding their breath about, since brazil is known to be such a strong team. but to have that -- >> i know brazil fans are probably still in shock this morning. >> probably so. they were certainly the favorite. >> the debt debate continues and a tabloid scandal could threaten rupert murdoch's media empire. >> we have this morning's "america's money report." >> good morning. topping america's money -- a deadline on debt. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today to try to work out a deal on the federal debt limit and deficit, this after a rare sunday meeting at the white house. mr. obama says they have 10 days to reach an agreement. rupert murdoch is now in london, where a tabloid scandal is threatening his media empire. his paper "news of the world"
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folded for good yesterday, brought down by revelations that reporters hacked into voicemail systems. outrage over that scandal is likely to derail murdoch's latest mega deal for a british tv service. at the box office, "transformers: dark of the moon" hold on to the top spot. it's now the biggest domestic hit of the year with $261 million in sales so far. and today is 7/11, so guess which convenience store is offering up free slurpees. 7-eleven is offering free drinks. that's america's money. >> oh, you can use a slurpee today. it's supposed to be hot, right? >> it is going to be hot. might even need an ice cream cone to go along with it and some shade and a swimming pool, the works. >> the works all right. >> and tomorrow, no free drinks, going to be even hotter. are you ready? >> no. >> no, we're not. >> here we are, it's july 11, and it is going to feel like it over the next couple of days or so. if you like lower humidity and more comfortable temperatures,
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wait until you see the extended outlook. here it is annapolis looking at mainly clear skies this hour, and temperatures, 76 degrees at reagan national airport. wind out of the south-southwest at 6 miles per hour. 75 degrees g.w. university. high earlier in the morning can you believe, 80 degrees around midnight. 70 in woodbridge. germantown looking at 69 degrees. at this hour, temperatures are in the 60's and 70's. 70 for martinsburg. 70 in manassas. 70 degrees now in fredericksburg. the real heat, the real humidity off to the west. look at st. louis. keep in mind, they're one hour behind us, and they're at 85 degrees. dew point levels beginning to increase to the west. high pressure builds off the coast. that's going to act as a heat pump, allowing our temperatures this afternoon to rise to around 90 to 95. heat index will make it feel more like the upper 90's tonight falling into the upper
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60's to just around 75 degrees closer to the district. the day tomorrow, a scorcher, mid to upper 90's. heat index, 100 to 105 degrees. here's the extended outlook i promised. cooler drier air, there you have, it the best two days of the upcoming workweek i believe there be thursday and friday. not the norm for july with the low humidity, but i'll take it. let's get an update on the rush hour. morning good morning lisa. >> we're actually rushing on route 4, 5, to get to cheverly, a little bit sticky. new york avenue, we're hearing new york avenue at montana avenue, traffic signals are stuck on red. we're good on i-70, 95 in and out of baltimore. 66 and 95, a little bit of volume for you, but no worse for wear. we'll go live to two geico traffic center cameras. begin first of all with this, duke street. normal volume now between duke street and seminary road just starting to build. and we'll take you to our final camera which is across the
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potomac river on the american legion bridge, moving nicely. now back to pamela and cynne. >> thanks so much lisa. 6:20, 73 degrees remember coming up -- they are gone, but won't be forgotten. >> we'll have the highlights of prince william and kate middleton's weekend in tin tell town. >> and later today on "oprah" -- twin sisters raped by their father and brother and now they have something to say to their mom. that's at 4:00 right here on abc 7.
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>> welcome back to "good morning washington." it's 6:23 now. new this morning -- seven members of a florida family died when their plane crashed in alabama. authorities say they were returning from a family reunion on saturday when their plane lost an engine. it crashed two miles from an airport. two adults and five children were found early yesterday. the cause of that brash is now under investigation. the final copy of britain's biggest tabloid hit newsstands over the weekend. inside the last edition, "the news of the world" issued a full-page apology. the paper's owner rupert murdoch, is now in london to deal with the crisis surrounding his media empire. another of murdoch's properties "the sunday times," reports more arrests are expected over the phone hacking scandal that brought down the "news of the world." >> new this morning, the beckhams are spicing up their
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lives with a new baby. former spice girl, victoria beckham, gave birth to a baby girl in los angeles yesterday. her name, harper seven beckham and she weighed in at seven pounds, 10 ounces. both mom and baby are happy and healthy. soccer star david beckham and his wife also have three sons, brooklyn, romeo, and cruz. >> turning now to another well-known british couple, prince william and kate middleton are back in britain after their north american tour. >> how was your first trip to the u.s.? >> enjoyed it, thank you very much. >> after spending nine days in canada, the royal couple wrapped up their three-day stay in california. they attended a charity polo tournament, visited los angeles' skid row, and toured an inner city arts academy. later, the couple stopped in a jobs fair for unemployed veterans. >> this is the last event on our tour of north america but to my mind, it is one of the seriously most important. this is because it is about men and women who of their own
6:26 am
free will, choose to put their life on the line for their country. >> william said and he kate are grateful for the warm welcome that they received in california. >> fun to hear her talk. you don't hear much from her you know? >> she seems very gracious. >> elegant. i have to say, i'm a big man. >> i am too. it is 6:26, and there's still another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up -- we've got the latest on developing traffic situations in montgomery county . police investigate a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. >> the clock is ticking but lawmakers are at a standoff over the debt ceiling. i'll have more on that story coming up. >> the heat and humidity making a big comeback later this afternoon, the same tomorrow, but relief is on the way. my full forecast coming up. [ child's
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> welcome back. 6:29. it's a big day ahead as president obama and congressional leaders tried to negotiate a debt deal. there's a new deadline on the table. good morning. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. great to have you with us. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we begin with meteorologist steve rudin. the humidity is the deadline. >> heat and humidity, temperatures in the 90's. even warmer tomorrow. pickled front is well to the north and west of us. first we have to deal with hot weather the day with temperatures well into the 90's. and heat index will make it feel
6:31 am
like the upper 90's/ tonight, 60's and 70's. 93-98 to marla with heat index over 100. we could see our heat advisory for the day tomorrow. -- 93-98 tomorrow. a smooth ride in virginia. no accidents on the interstates or the american legion bridge or the beltway. 295 near howard road, that has been taken care of. new york avenue near montana avenue, the signal is to on ruck. -- is stuck on red. there's an accident on top of
6:32 am
road and morley, 450 and sea brook area. back to you. >> thank you. good to see that is getting cleaned up. following the latest developments on the battle over a debt deal. president obama scheduled to hold a news conference this morning to discuss this lingering budget crisis. >> this comes after a day and night of meetings between the president and top congressional leaders. karen travers is following the debate, joining us from northwest with an update. good morning. >> good morning. there's a heightened sense of urgency in washington to get a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling. last night president obama made it clear the clock is ticking. >> in 10 states? >> we need to.
6:33 am
>> the major sticking point is taxes. democrats and the president want to raise some taxes but republicans say that is a nonstarter. republicans want to cut entitlement spending, medicare, medicaid, and social security. president obama indicated that social security could be on the table, but he will have a hard time with fellow democrats. nancy pelosi says absolutely not. if there are a lot of sticking points. president obama will hold a news conference later this morning and will need to again with congressional leaders at the white house. officials tell us they will keep meeting until they get a deal. >> thank you so much. keep us posted. a very contentious subject. mike allen will discuss it with us later. on to a developing story fighter jets intercepted three small planes on the weekend. they were flying too close to the presidential retreat. it does not appear that the
6:34 am
incidents are linked. they believe the pilots ended up in the restricted airspace of camp david by mistake. >> if you get your preflight briefing and have your charts and everything, it becomes a -- it just should not happen. >> president obama was actually at camp david when at least two of the incidents happened. the small planes were out of radio communication. all three landed without incident. the 9/11 memorial at the site of the former world trade center opens to the public on september 12 and tickets will be available starting on line. reservations will be required because only 1500 people can be there at one time. a memorial will be held for the families on september 11. funeral services will be this week for former chris lee betty ford. she died at the age of 93 on friday. a service will be held on tuesday morning in palm desert,
6:35 am
california. another model service on wednesday in grand rapids, michigan where she grew up. if she will be buried next to her husband on a thursday at the gerald ford museum in grand rapids. police investigating the crash said killed a woman in haymarket, virginia. a dodge caravan collided with a winnebago rv on sunday afternoon on james madison high way. the female driver of the dodge caravan was pronounced dead at the scene. there's no word on what led to the crash. 6:35 is the time. searches on four men suspected of killing a frederick maryland woman. police are looking for melvin smith. he shot and killed tranice richardson on friday night while sea was walking with her eight- year-old son. he is the father of one of her four children. richardson's father said that his daughter had tried to end their relationship when he became violent. >> she was scared for her life
6:36 am
because he was stalking her and her children. the next day is when i got the call. >> richardson said that his daughter also attempted to get a protective order against smith. smith has a decade long criminal record including a 2000 manslaughter conviction for killing a man when he was 16 years old. 6:36 74 degrees. >> when we continue, another reason to watch your speed. >> where in our area drivers should be on the lookout for more than 100 speed cameras. >> and where d.c. ranks on a list of the hottest cities in america. first, if we will be back with
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welcome back on this monday morning. temperatures are in the mid 70's. 76 at reagan national. the is building off to the west. dew point level in the mid 70's at st. louis at this hour, an indication of the heat and humidity if that is on the way. there's a heat advisory stretching from ohio. he to warnings for kentucky and tennessee. heat index is around 115 later
6:40 am
this afternoon. nothing like that for us. if it's going to be a hot day. high-pressure. r heat index will be in the upper 90's. -- our heat index. even warmer tomorrow. it is an interesting morning. traffic patterns tend to change this time of year. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. no accidents. looks good in baltimore and virginia. we will take you to some cameras so that you will know how to plan. east-west highway and colesville road, and i love this camera in silver spring, looks good by noaa-- noaa. looks good at connecticut avenue and the mormon temple. no troubles on 95 or 395 in
6:41 am
virginia. edsall road to seminary rd. typical slowdown. a beautiful pass at 27/washington boulevard. back to you. >> thank you. 6:40 74 degrees. >> up next on this monday, concerning results of a new survey. what some local students think about building in the classroom. >> police make an arrest in an arson/homicide case. live in college park, details on the story that shocked the community, coming up. >> mike allen joins us with the latest details on the debt
6:42 am
6:43 am
welcome back. new this morning, there's been a major break in the murder of a maryland business owner who was
6:44 am
killed inside his own convenience store. >> that's right. investigators have made an arrest in the deaths of 69-year- old richard nam. jummy olabanji if it is live at prince george's county police headquarters with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the arson/homicide case shocked the entire community. police had been searching for leads, reaching out to the community since the murder of richard nam. last night they released information that they have made an arrest in the murder of richard nam. we have video of the victims from 2002 when he spoke with abc 7 news following the shooting death of his niece who was also shot inside the family convenience store. another female relative was also wounded during an attempted robbery. almost a decade later this april, the store owner himself was shot and killed inside the store. richard was found murdered inside the store the after firefighters extinguished and intentionally set fire.
6:45 am
police at the time believed he was the victim of another robbery and that the fire was started at the business by whoever did this to try to cover up the murder. police have uncovered new information in the case. they have arrested someone. the news conference is scheduled for today in palmer park at police headquarters at 11:00 this morning. we are expecting to be here for that news conference and will bring you any updates on abc 7 news at noon as well as on jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. we want to take a look at news around the region. bullion still seems to be a big concern for virginia schools. a survey found 92% of middle schools, 83% of elementary schools, and 77% of high schools if said students were concerned about a billion. three-quarters of all schools say they too heavily and prevention program. -- have a bullying prevention
6:46 am
program. there's a storm tonight to discuss developments in prince george's county. csc building at 6:30 this evening. you may want to slow down interest or discounted. speech cameras will be at more than 100 locations -- speed cameras. about half of them will be near schools. drivers going 12 miles over could face a $40 fine. supporters say the cameras will make streets safer, but critics say the cameras are just moneymakers. d.c. is known for its hot summers. now we know where are your ranks with other cities. a services the district is the six hottest city in the country. the average is 86 degrees in the summer and average is 37 days per year with temperatures of 90 or above.
6:47 am
arizona, a laredo, texas a wichita, kansas, and medford oregon were higher than the sea and yuma, arizona was number one. joining us to talk about the latest developments on the database is mike allen of "politico." >> president obama meeting once again with top congressional leaders. there has not been much progress. >> there has not been. happy monday. at 11:00 a.m. the president will talk live in the press room about what he's thinking. that's a little more casual. the reporters will be there instead of the east room where it's more formal. last time the meeting was 75 minutes wickes open collar shirts. we are tol-- with open collar
6:48 am
shirts. eric cantor was doing most of the talking. that is very telling because he was against the big deal that president obama is still pushing for. he said that the president did not have his vote. >> $4 trillion is what the president was pushing for. that has been pushed back now with a $2 trillion deal potentially. >> that would take us through december 2012, after the elections, but would not solve any problems past that. probably not good for obama. taxes and spending is the biggest or one of the biggest issues in the 2012 campaign. republicans look like they have the upper hand at the moment. if that continues by the end of the month, republicans will not let the country go into default.
6:49 am
>> we will see what the president does. that's a big sticking point for the purepublicans, not raising taxes. >> will c. wood the president says this morning at the press conference. thank you mike allen for joining us. >> you're welcome. we are preparing for the heat. >> yes, and the sun is up in annapolis. clear skies as we move into the afternoon. not expecting much, maybe a sprinkle off to the west. 76 degrees at reagan national airport currently with dew point levels in the mid 60's. 73 degrees in annandale. oxon hill, maryland, at 72 degrees. the upper northwest d.c. at 5:00 74 degrees now. temperatures are in the 60's in
6:50 am
cumberland. heat and humidity building out to the west of us. temperatures in the mid 80's with dew point levels in the mid 70's. this will be overhead for the day tomorrow. i have reason to believe the national weather service will probably issue some sort of heat advisory for the mid-atlantic for the day tomorrow, not today. high pressure off the coast southwesterly flow, allowing temperatures to warm up into the 90's. head over to the delmarva of beaches, 85 this afternoon. 86 in ocean city tomorrow. 90-95 today with heat index making it feel like the upper 90's. partly cloudy tonight, a 60's to mid 70's -- upper 60's to mid 70's 8. it's going to be hot out there. 66 and 95, normal.
6:51 am
southbound 270, more action on the road. let's describe route 5 delays from climber drive to brandywine. we will give you more action out of cheverly near kenilworth ave. heavy traffic leaving laurel. 95 and b-w parkway as well. everything open on 270. delays out of a germantown. looks good on the greenway and the dulles toll road. more action on the road in less than 10 minutes. stick around
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and washington reached a deal on the deck before the clock runs out? we will take a look at all that uis. at is will casey anthony be able to cash in on her notes puertonotoriety? some of the offers may be fading away. and we will speak with the u.s. women's soccer team after they pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in world cup soccer history. all that is next on good morning america. time to check the top stories. a man died after being hit by a car in germantown. this happened around 1:00 this morning at the intersection of germantown rd. and aircraft
6:55 am
drive. the victim died at a hospital. his name has not been released. the driver did stay at the scene and no charges have been filed. fighter jets intercepted three small planes that flew into restricted airspace near camp david this weekend. the planes landed safely. president obama was there when two incidents occurred. president obama is holding a news conference to talk about efforts to reach a deal to reduce the national debt. the president will again meet with congressional leaders to try to reach an agreement before the august 2 deadline. progress was made at the washington monument this weekend. 5182 people broke a world record for the most people don together to play a traditional indonesian instrument made of bamboo. as participants played the song "we are the world." officials from the guinness book
6:56 am
of world records were there. most of the people learned to play the instrument on the same day. each instrument plays one notes so you have to play in unison together to create a song. it was fun. a big headline today is the weather. i also want to look at the traffic. how are the roads? >> pretty quiet. we are heating up in the volume. noaa down 95 is under the word "live." everything is open to the pentagon. looking at another hot day and even warmer tomorrow with temperatures well into the 90's. lower humidity on thursday and friday. go to the on-line home of abc 7 news. >> thank you everybody for watching. good morning america is next. >> for continuing a local news, news channel 8 is
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